Delagrange Homes has established relationships with all the major new home lenders in our area. We can help you arrange the best type of loan with the best lender that fits your particular needs.

We work with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Grabill bank, Tower Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Three Rivers Federal Credit Union, Chase Bank and many others.

When it comes to home financing, we want you to remember that we work with lenders who are interested in helping you realize your vision of home ownership. We want to be sure you are comfortable with your decision to invest in your new home, and having the right loan is an important part of the buying process.

Call Steve Smith at Delagrange Homes at (260)740-2137 for more information about financing opportunities available for your family.


  • Down payment assistance
  • Special tax credits
  • Lower than market rate interest rates

Call us for information at 260-740-2137

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